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Teresa Janschitz, widely known as Reesa or thisisgoaldigger on Social Media, is a professional dancer and choreographer from Vienna, Austria. With over 13 years of comprehensive training in various disciplines, including Hip Hop Foundation, Newstyle Choreography, and Commercial Dance Styles, Reesa has discovered her passion for heels dance five years ago, and she has since become a relentless devotee, constantly honing her skills through dedicated practice and international travels to dance meccas like Los Angeles, New York, and London.


As a consummate professional, Reesa has graced television screens in live shows (ORF, ZDF, ARD, MDR) and showcased her talent in various commercials (PUMA, Rittersport, Kelly's and many more). She has exhilarated crowds exceeding 50,000 people at the prestigious Davis Cup in France and lent her mesmerizing moves to renowned national artists during their tours and music videos. Her portfolio boasts collaborations with esteemed names such as Samsung, Neutrogena and PUMA.


Beyond her achievements as a dancer, Reesa has successfully established herself as a choreographer and movement director. Her creative prowess has been sought after for national TV shows (ORF/Starmania), live performances (Anna-Sophie, Rose May Alaba), and captivating music videos (MP the Kid, Anna-Sophie, Rian). Fueled by her passion for film, Reesa has ventured into directing movement, expertly blending visual aesthetics with breathtaking choreography.


Reesa's choreographic style reflects her unwavering stamina and playful approach, seamlessly melding essential technique, graceful lines, and infectious grooves. She creates an environment that challenges her students while ensuring their safety, fostering growth, improvement, and a liberating space for self-expression.


In summary, Reesa embodies excellence as a dancer, choreographer, and movement directress, captivating audiences worldwide with her dynamic artistry, inspiring others to explore their own artistic potential, and leaving an indelible mark on the world of dance.

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