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updated July 2023

1. Services

I offer dance classes, workshops, private classes as well as all services which are connected to me and published through public announcements through my website, social media, print media, billboards, flyer, etc.  

The composition of my offered services may vary due to constant development, further training and the improvement of methods used during dance classes, workshops etc. I reserve the rights to change, combine and cancel classes and class schedules for whatever reason.

2. Booking and Payment 

After your written booking has been received through a form on my website or via my email, you will receive instructions for your payment. In this follow-up email, you are asked to pay the fee for your booked services via bank transfer and to email me a screenshot confirming your payment. In case you transfer money from a non Austrian account, you are required to take over any additional fees that might apply. Payment in installments is possible upon agreement. Once your bank transfer was successful, your registration to one of my services is binding.

3. Refunds & Cancellations​​

Cancellations in the last 24h before a private 1-1 session can unfortunately not be refunded, unless there is a profound & provable reason for the cancellation. Cancellations within 72h - not matter what reason - have to pay 10% handling fee and the studio rent. 


A dropout of a service due to an injury or any other serious medical or health condition can be refunded or transferred to another date only by forwarding a medical attestation or note from your doctor and if your cancellation takes place prior to the start of your booked service. In this case I am able to refund the full paid fee via your used payment method. If you are not showing up to your booked services without noticing me in advance your full paid fee will expire automatically and I cannot reimburse.

Vacation, private or job-relational reasons do not apply as cause of cancellation - therefore your service cannot be refunded in any way. In case the purchased services are not redeemed on your behalf, they expire - the fee cannot be saved for other services in the future.

4. Studio rental

When you make a booking, the organization of the dance studio is included, the fee for the reservation has to be paid on top of each service. The fee for a one-time studio rental differs between €20-40/hour and has to be paid in cash on the spot.

5. What to bring

Something you feel comfortable in! For hip hop & commercial bring clean sneakers & your water bottle. For High Heels you will need tight clothes (to better practice your lines and poses) and of course clean high heels & your water bottle.

6. Class Etiquette

Smoking, eating as well as drinking prior, during and after my classes is not allowed. The consumption of any food or open drinks in the studio (except water in closed bottles) is forbidden. I kindly ask you to enter the studio space with clean shoes only! Due to fire regulations, jackets and coats must be stowed in the locker rooms. Please follow the instructions of me prior, during and after classes. In case of intentional contravention or threat to other people or the studio’s property, I reserve the right to take legal action. General health regulations must be strictly followed in all premises.


7. Copyright

The copyright belongs to Teresa Janschitz and its entire workforce. The ideas, assets as well as choreographies learned in class are meant for personal use only. Passing on my copyrighted content or choreographies to a third party is strictly prohibited. Any personal recording of the class, choreography or teaching methods is forbidden unless stated otherwise.

​8. Accountability

Attending, dancing and training during my classes is at your own risk. I do not take any responsibility for any accidents of my attendees or any emotional or physical damage/illnesses that comes with it. Your are responsible for your own actions and insurance that would cover the costs in case an accident happens. I do not assume liability for your own negligence. For minors (anyone under the age of 18), the parents assume liability. Also, please be cautious of slippery floors at any time. I do not assume liability for your wardrobe, personal valuables as well as any damages of property. 


9. Customer’s Health Condition

With the registration to one of my offered services you automatically agree that you are physically and emotionally healthy or that you are able to meet the physical and emotional requirements of taking a dance class.

The participation of any offered service under the influence of drugs, alcohol or pharmaceuticals is prohibited. With the act of registration you assure to not suffer from any infectious diseases. In case of other chronic physical or mental illnesses please notify me beforehand, and talk to your doctor prior to taking class if needed. In the event of pregnancy, a doctor's approval must be obtained before participation.

10. General


All purchased services are individual-related and not transferable to others.

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